Bolton Group acquires 100% of Omia Laboratoires

On July 1st, Bolton Group, a market leader in consumer goods in Italy and abroad, acquired M.G.A. SpA, holding company owning 100% of Omia Laboratoires. Omia is a leading Italian brand in personal care, with an exclusive focus on organic and natural products. The negotiations were conducted by Translink Corporate Finance (acting as the financial advisor of Bolton Group), led by Gianni Laudato (Senior Partner) and Matteo Paggi (Partner).

The acquisition was carried out through Group’s Manetti & Roberts subsidiary, adding to Bolton one of the most recognized and growing players in the organic and natural personal care segment, following extensive negotiations that began in the first half of 2018.

Bolton Group

Bolton Group, founded in the middle of the last century by the Nissim Family, represents one of the most important European players in consumer goods.  With over Euro 2 billion in revenue, Bolton Group produces and markets a vast array of consumer products. Today, the Group holds an impressive portfolio of brands, including over 50 Food, Home and Laundry Care, Adhesives, Personal Care and Well-being and Beauty Care product lines, distributed in supermarkets and perfumeries. The Group is present in 139 countries with 46 offices, 12 production units and 5.600 employees.

The cornerstone of Bolton Group’s success extends from their portfolio of over 50 renowned brands, some of which are over a century old, such as:

  • Neutro Roberts, Borotalco, Somatoline, Chilly, Bilboa, Acqua alle Rose, Sanogyl, Rogé Cavaillès, Collistar (Personal and Beauty care)
  • Rio Mare, Simmenthal, Palmera, Saupiquet, Prima (Food)
  • Omino Bianco, WCNet, Smac, Merito, Carolyn (Household care)
  • UHU, Bison, Grifon (Adhesives)

Omia Laboratoires

Omia Laboratoires and its holding company M.G.A. are both based in Cisterna di Latina (Rome). Omia was founded in 1997 by the Angioletti Family. The company is now led by the second generation which has given a significant contribution to the strong development of the business.

Omia is considered a leader brand in the Italian segment of organic and natural personal care products. Omia’s portfolio products range (certified by the most important European entities in natural and organic field) includes, among other: shampoo, bubble baths, soaps, sun care products, face and body creams, hair care products.

With Bolton’s acquisition, the Omia brand will experience a further phase of growth, both in Italy and internationally, strengthening its own leadership position in organic and natural products segment.