Omecs S.r.l. obtains important financial resources for its development and expansion

Translink announces that it has successfully completed the first phase of its mandate to support Omecs S.r.l., in obtaining important financial resources for its development and expansion. Omecs is a company active in the field of organic and luxury cosmetics. Translink has now begun the second phase of looking for a financial/industrial partner.
A financing facility of 350,000 euros was granted to Omecs by Banca Azzoaglio, an independent banking institution in Piedmont, using guarantees provided by MedioCredito Centrale considering Omecs’ qualifying status as an innovative startup. The funding provided to Omecs is an important pillar of its development and will allow it to commence commercial operations including the production and sale of its line of certified-organic cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and natural medical products. The Company’s products offer consumers better epithelium regeneration than other skincare solutions currently available on the market. Omecs will begin by launching its luxury product line, Luxom.

The Italian skincare market alone has an annual turnover of some 2 billion euros while the European market is valued at about 20 billion euros. Omecs aims to quickly establish itself in this market and capture a significant market share within the next five years. It aims to achieve these ambitions through its innovative proprietary products based on two key natural ingredients: Omentum lipids and freeze-dried Snail Slime. The Company’s patent-protected formulations enable faster epithelial regeneration with fewer side-effects than currently available alternatives. With four product lines (varying by concentration of the dosages), Omecs will be able to engage a variety of sales channels: beauty centers, cosmetic surgery clinics, pharmacies, drug stores and even mass market retailers. Omecs now aims to obtain regulatory approval for its products for medical use, expand production capacity, optimize logistics, and enhance its marketing and distribution. With this in mind, Translink has initiated the second phase of its engagement: the search for a financial and/or industrial partner that will accompany Omecs on its strong growth path. Translink’s mandate is carried out in collaboration with PHI Consulting.

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