AlfaNordic A/S sold to Niras A/S

Translink Corporate Finance advised AlfaNordic Group A/S on the sale to Niras A/S.

AlfaNordic is a Danish company which is specialized in consultancy services to the Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, Food, Cosmetics and Medicinal Cannabis industry. The company is a GxP-advisor covering the full-service package including validation, QC/QA, regulatory affairs, project management etc. The subsidiary AlfaNordic Academy is active in training and education of clients. The company employs more than 100 persons.

As the largest supplier of specialized services to the pharma industry, during the last year, AlfaNordic has profited from a substantial growth in the Danish market, which is expected to continue during the next 5-6 years.

Niras A/S, based in Denmark, is an international, multidisciplinary engineering consultancy company with more than 2.100 employees located in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Translink ran a market search to identify potential buyers for AlfaNordic which resulted in a number of interested investors and subsequent offers among which Niras presented the overall best conditions.

The transaction was closed on January 15th, 2021.

Thomas Melgaard Petersen and Henrik Linnemann, former owners of AlfaNordic:

“When we chose that it was time to raise capital to AlfaNordic Group A/S to live out our ambitions, we went to Schrøder Translink for assistance. It quickly became clear that the right thing to do was to put the shares up for sale.

In this sales process we have found that Translink’s network has been invaluable in finding suitable buyers internationally. We experienced great interest both from Denmark and from abroad.

Through a sometimes very hard process, we have had a good and constructive collaboration with Translink, which has probably been decisive for the final good result.”

Henrik Schrøder, Partner

“In the process we profited from the work done by our Translink colleagues around Europe. A large number of potential buyers and a strong line-up of companies submitting a non-binding offer, helped us to achieve the best possible conditions for the sellers.”

Claus Melgaard, Partner

“Selling a consulting business – a typical “people-business” – always represents a challenge. Such companies are very dependent on motivated consultants and managers. Also, in the case of AlfaNordic this was an important part of the buyer’s due diligence.”

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