Cross-border M&A deals are strongly influenced by timing, relationships and identifying compelling opportunities. This is the story of what culminated in December 2020, when Italian family-owned company, Pedrollo acquired US-based Superior Pump.

While already recognised as a world-renowned brand within the electric pump sector, exporting more than 80% of its product outside of Italy, the United States represents less than 1% of Pedrollo’s global sales.


Leading independent M&A advisory firms BHP Corporate Finance and IMA Corporate Finance are collaborating and have officially changed their names to Translink Corporate Finance. 

Translink, The leading mid-market corporate financial advisory firm, has over 300 experts covering more than 35 countries on six continents. It’s this international footprint of teams with deep local market knowledge and specialised sector expertise that enables Translink to identify M&A opportunities across the globe for clients.


Given American Trailer Rental Group’s many acquisitions over the past two years, Dinan & Company’s Mohit Mehta shares some insights about these successful transactions and what the industry can expect going forward.

Strong tailwinds associated within the logistics industry along with increasing supply-chain complexities, e-commerce growth and the outsourcing of logistics are all factors that have created strong demand for the storage and cartage segment of the US trailer rental market.

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In the first part of this series, Translink International Vice Chairman and Chairman at Translink Corporate Finance Italy, David Strempel, unpacked the importance of a clear M&A strategy and how global M&A advisors can identify trends, opportunities and challenges, plan around them and advise accordingly. Here he unpacks how personalities and cultures can potentially hinder a transaction unless managed properly, and the important role played by advisors in finding solutions and smoothing what is often a complicated transaction.

David Strempel News

The dealmaking process behind corporate M&As can be highly complex, with a significant number of factors that need to be negotiated between the time a letter of intent is signed until the deal is officially closed.

There can also be a great deal at stake for the companies involved, not only financially but also from a reputational and market sentiment perspective.

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Financing is a major factor in all mergers and acquisition transactions, especially in buy outs, and is an important driver of valuations.

Companies looking to buy businesses through third party financing, or to have a minority or majority sponsor onboard, currently have to deal with higher financing costs and lower valuations. This is because of the persistent volatile macro-economic climate, which includes the issue of inflation, the Russian/ Ukraine conflict, with all of them causing rising interest rates. These all directly impact the M&A industry.


Translink Corporate Finance in Finland has been shortlisted for the prestigious Mergermarket Finland Financial Advisor of the Year 2022 Award. The list of finalists was announced last month, with the other contestants including advisors such as Goldman Sachs and Carnegie. The two main categories of these country-specific awards include financial advisors and legal advisors.

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The technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) sector has remained the dominant dealmaker for 2022. While not surpassing last year’s performance, the accelerating demand for cloud-based services, IT security, and enterprise software has kept these deals at the forefront of global M&As.

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The COVID-19 pandemic, global warming, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and global economic challenges. These are just some of the issues that are severely impacting the food and beverage industry across the globe. This, together with shifting consumer habits and lifestyle trends, is seeing this sector going through unprecedented change. While change within any sector is expected and par for the course, given the magnitude and pace at which the food and beverage industry is changing, what might this sector look like come 2050?


This year Translink Corporate Finance celebrates its golden anniversary since its founding by Dr Roland Schucht in 1972. At the time it was one of the first ‘small-to-mid-cap’ M&A firms to go cross-border. Dr Schucht’s global vision for the business has endured and today, Translink covers more than 35 countries spanning 6 continents. This month, 150 partners and colleagues from across the Translink Corporate Finance global group, gathered in Mallorca, Spain for a 50th anniversary celebration to remember.