In Translink Corporate Finance we recognize the importance of deep industrial understanding in order to be able to evaluate our clients' business and be able to search the market for relevant buyers. Translink has contributed to the acquisition and sale of a significant number of industrial companies in several industries and segments. As a consequence of the overall development towards major production units, Translink has contributed to many sale of companies to both industrial buyers and private equity companies. In relation to M & A, there are a number of industry-specific conditions for industrial companies:

  • Industrial companies are often characterized by very specific knowledge of a product and / or an industry segment, which secures a specific competitive advantage. This relationship can give rise to some challenges if two companies are to be merged after the transfer, if the senior management leaves - especially in cases where a large part of the company's knowledge has been with the outgoing management.
  • Compared to several other business sectors, industrial companies are often very export-oriented, so there is an advantage in searching globally for potential to buyer / seller issues. In this context, Translink's well established network in many countries and continents is a major advantage.
  • Industrial companies are often characterized by major investments in machinery and other manufacturing equipment. In many situations, the best price and financing are obtained in cases where the transaction causes synergies, such as in terms of reduced overhead costs and better utilization of the capacity.

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