October 28, 2020

SGCP/bpifrance/Etoile Capital and Idinvest acquired a minority stake and finance the growth strategy of Foliateam

Translink Corporate Finance is pleased to announce that Foliateam Group has raised 40m€ from a pool of private equity investors consisting of Societe Generale Capital Partenaires (SGCP), Bpifrance, Etoide Capital and private debt lender Idinvest. Translink acted as the exclusive financial adviser to Foliateam Group.

Dominique Bayon, Founder, together with Laurent Depommier-Cotton and Jean-Pierre Brier, co-founders, have turned Foliateam into a leading player in the BtoB telecom services in France. Backed by a team of entrepreneurs, the group, which is able to offer a solid alternative to its clients, has grown through 16 acquisitions over the last 15 years, most of which were in distressed situations.

The strategic plan, Digital Wings 2019, was a key in the history of Foliateam. Over the last 5 years, the company has doubled in size, to become a leading alternative BtoB telecom services provider in France, one of the few that manages its own critical infrastructure, while preparing the future with a management team taking over the operations. This strategic plan was backed and fueled by Bpifrance and France Valley Digital Wings after their investment in 2015. Today, the company has more than 4,500 clients spread over 10,000 sites, and generates over 50m€ of sales. With a staff of 330 employees, including 24 managers who are shareholders, Foliateam is a leading BtoB Telecom and Cloud services provider in France.

Dominique Bayon adds: “This important success, beyond my vision of where the company must be on this ever evolving BtoB telecom and cloud services market, is a collective project backed by a number of people I would like to thank: my co-founders, 13 business angels, our board members, all our business partners, clients, suppliers, manufacturers and software providers, our bankers and professional investors, our legal advisors, our auditors and our investment bankers, each and every single managers and employees of Foliateam, and my relatives who helped me throughout this adventure. This collective strength will be key in the future success of Foliateam.”

During the year 2020, the group of managers, led by the new Board of Management consisting of Bruno David (President), Jean-Baptiste Perraudin (Chief Executive), Francis Houot (Deputy Chief Executive) and Franck Marconnet (Assistant Chief Executive), has worked on building the next strategic vision for the coming years: UP2026. The four managers will take over the operation from Dominique Bayon. They can count of the support of the founders who will stay on board as members of the Supervisory board, with Dominique Bayon as its president.

Thanks to this new round of financing, the company will have the resources to reach the goal set in its UP2026 plan. The plan is to grow the company up to 100m€ of sales and become one of the leading providers for secured multi-cloud collaboration and customer relationship telecom services in France, thanks to a unique UCaaS catalog of offers and a one-of-a-kind expertise on Avaya, Alcatel, Mitel, Kiamo, Microsoft Teams & Zoom platforms. UP2026 is built around one major challenge: provide all clients with premium and digitalized services. This will materialize in an above market average client satisfaction and investment in cybersecurity. Also, Foliateam will remain open to new acquisitions.

“I spent 18 years of my professional career working to grow Foliateam. I’m proud and happy to be appointed President of the Board of Management, and I can’t wait to continue on our path with our long term investors and the support of the founders in the Supervisory Board. With UP2026, we will turn Foliateam into an innovative telecom service provider, emphasizing on digitalization. We will focus on the performance of our cloud and cybersecurity services delivered to our clients” comments Bruno David, new President of the Board of Management. “The market is very dynamic and enthusiastic about cloud collaboration and customer relationship solutions. SDWAN is surely becoming a new standard for networks, and cybersecurity is key to most of our clients. We surely have tremendous growth opportunities in all these fields, both for our group and for our people.”

Julien Pélissier, Investment Manager at Société Générale Capital Partenaires (SGCP), declares: “SGCP is honored to be have been chosen by the shareholders of Foliateam to back the managerial transition and fuel the ambition of UP20206. Foliateam did a great job switching to a business model of integrator/service provider of telecom services in the cloud for SME, blue chip and public companies. The demand for UCaaS and more broadly collaboration tools is booming. Together with Bpifrance and Etoile Capital, we’re fully committed to share our resources and networks to support this longterm project.”

“Being part of this transaction is completely at the heart of Bpifrance’s mission: supporting growing companies, help them succeed in the management transition, and bring them into our accelerator programs.” says Luc Doyennel, Investment Manager at Bpifrance. “I witnessed the evolution of Foliateam from a small to a mid-cap company. I am confident and convinced I will witness other significant changes in the near future.”

Eric Gallerne, Managing Partner at Idinvest, says: “we’re very happy that the shareholders chose Idinvest as their sole debt lender in this process of management transition. We’re really excited about the opportunity to work together with the new Board of Management, and we can’t wait to help and support them in the next development phase for the group”

"We’re truly honored to have been appointed has exclusive investment banker by Foliateam in this process" adds Marc IRISSON, Partner in charge of the TMT practice at Financière Monceau Translink France. "Despite the context, we received a very positive feedback from the market, thanks to a tremendous management team and the quality of the project the team presented to the investors. We ran a very quick process between June and October, and the process remained competitive till the very end. The management team had to choose from two very qualitative offers backed by highly recognized investors. This is our 4th transaction in the TMT industry this year in France, and the 5th transaction in the telecom industry in France over the last years.”

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  • "Anecta Translink has done a fantastic job throughout the whole process. The process has been very smooth with a rapid pace, and it feels good to now complete the transaction."
  • "We would like to thank Anecta Translink for the exceptional work that resulted in a very successful transaction."
  • “We had already heard positive feedback from Translink before starting the process, yet the team exceeded our expectations from day one. In the preparation phase, Translink prepared analyses and materials that had a great impact in developing both the company and management. In terms of customer service and professionalism, the team’s execution was in a class of its own. Moreover, working with the team was genuinely pleasant – even at the most challenging moments. The funding round was closed on schedule and larger than initially planned. When the time for new funding rounds comes, it’s hard to see that we would use any other financial advisor than Translink. Even though the funding round is successfully closed now, I still have nightmares about what would have happened if we had started the process without Translink Corporate Finance.”
  • The collaboration with André Achtermeier from Translink was very successful – we had a perfect interaction throughout the process. With humour, expertise, and professionalism, he stewarded us to the goal.
  • We wanted to find a partner that can support our growth in the core markets. All the three of us founders were amazed of the dedication and hard work Translink put to the project. They were our rock during the process and introduced us to EG A/S - a perfect partner to grow with.
  • Caxal has worked with Translink over 7 years and completed 2 acquisitions. The process is often time consuming to find the right fit for a family enterprise and Translink shows great patience in assisting and guiding the buyer to a venture that meets the buyers criteria. I would recommend them to any buyer looking to acquire a well-defined and carefully researched venture.
  • Translink was a very strong partner for us in the transaction. We were very happy to receive professional support, someone who could keep track of everything and, above all, give us very competent and profitable advice.
  • Working with Translink couldn't have gone any better. From the exposé to the closing – they did their job perfectly, with humor and a goal in mind. Translink and Ms. Fischer's team was the right choice!
  • As the market leader in digital first aid and safety training in Finland we wanted to find a partner that could help us expand also abroad. Translink introduced us to Presto and we rapidly found a common understanding on how to become the dominate player in this market segment in the Nordics.
  • "We are very pleased to close the sale of Clinicbuddy to Main Capital and Alfa, which is a market player we have worked with for several years.....We would have never been able to reach this stage of exceptional growth opportunities together with Main Capital without the professional support from Anecta Translink."
  • "For most people the sale of a business is the biggest, once in a lifetime transaction undertaken in business, appointing Translink to advise was a shrewd and very satisfying investment. The whole team took dedication and professionalism to a new level – Brilliant job!”
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  • “Translink-BHP Corporate Finance is a long-standing advisor to Greenhous Group and the disposal of SFS further reinforced the value of their quality, experience, and insight. BHP worked tirelessly to ensure strict timescales were met in a very professional manner.”

    Mike Pawson, Group CFO and shareholder Greenhous Group Ltd
  • “The shareholders of CSF are extremely grateful to Translink-BHP for the role they played in delivering this transaction. They oversaw a global marketing process that helped to secure a very favourable outcome for both the shareholders and the business. They were there with us at every step of the process; their professional advice and support throughout was invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them".

    Steve Tate, CSF Chairman & CEO
  • “The decision to sell the family business which I had built up over 35 years was one of the hardest of my life. BHP was selected as our preferred advisor due to their experience, professional approach and association with Translink.

    Translink proved to be a winner. We received global interest, from across Europe, the USA and China. BHP worked tirelessly, literally day and night to get the deal over the line in a very short timescale. I cannot recommend BHP enough, their dedication and international connections meant that we closed the deal well above our expected selling price.”

    David Webster, Managing Director and shareholder of The Label Makers Limited
  • “This transaction provides a great platform for expansion across the Baltic region. IV is an excellent business and we look forward to welcoming IV to Miss Group and continue our mutual growth journey.
    I am impressed with the continuous deal support provided by the financial advisors. Once again have Anecta and the Translink network proved its value proposition to us and I highly recommend them for national and cross-border deal advisory.”

    Mattias Kaneteg, Miss Group founder and CEO
  • "As a technology leader with steady long-term growth but limited resources we wanted to find a partner that could help us make a larger leap. Translink found numerous very attractive options for us and moving forward together with Sensebit and Helix will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets."

    Petri Granroth, CEO and shareholder of Visy
  • “Based on our earlier contact and recommendations we chose Translink Corporate Finance as our M&A adviser, being responsible for the transaction process and finding the best future partner for us – a partner and co-shareholder who could help us to realize the significant growth potential we see in our industry. In the middle of the operation the corona outbreak occurred – and controlling the process during this phase was not easy.
    Translink Corporate Finance presented a significant list with very relevant international candidates, and a Danish buyer ended up making the best offer. The process was guided and controlled in a very professional way by Henrik and Claus.”

    Steffen Vogel, former owner of Cortex Technology
  • “We would like to thank Translink Denmark for facilitating the Healthcare Group’s entry into Northern Europe. Henrik Schrøder was instrumental throughout all stages of the deal, providing us with an essential link to S&W ownership, particularly at a time where travel has been inhibited by the pandemic. We extend our thanks to Translink Corporate Finance and look forward to many years of continued growth in the region.”

    Brett Valliant, Corporate development director, Diploma Healthcare Group
  • “When we chose that it was time to raise capital to AlfaNordic Group A/S to live out our ambitions, we went to Schrøder Translink for assistance. It quickly became clear that the right thing to do was to put the shares up for sale. In this sales process we have found that Translink's network has been invaluable in finding suitable buyers internationally. We experienced great interest both from Denmark and from abroad. Through a sometimes very hard process, we have had a good and constructive collaboration with Translink, which has probably been decisive for the final good result.”

    Thomas Melgaard Petersen and Henrik Linnemann, former owners of AlfaNordic
  • "This transaction will allow us to seize significant growth opportunities in the North American market and, at the same time, create synergies in every operational area. I was impressed by the ability of Translink to originate this opportunity for us so close to the profile we were seeking in such a competitive market. This was our first acquisition outside of Italy. Nevertheless, Translink was able to make this complex and new experience, both in terms of norms and culture, seem familiar and manageable for us. I highly recommend Translink for companies wishing to expand abroad and especially for those interested in the United States.”

    Giulio Pedrollo, CEO of Pedrollo Group
  • "Translink is a determined advisor. The outcome of the transaction was in line with our expectations. I believe the transaction will ensure Amomatic even better chances for continuous growth and development"

    Olavi Ruokonen, Former Chairman of the Board of
    Amomatic Oy
  • "Translink Peakstone’s thoughtful guidance and dedication throughout the entire process were critical to achieving a very successful outcome that met all of our transaction objectives."

    Mike Gibney, CEO of LSC
  • "Translink’s advisory ensured successful sales process completion with the terms that satisfied all the owners."

    Tomi Pulkki, CEO and founder of HopLop Oy
  • "The Translink team executed the entire transaction process. I can warmly recommend them for any Corporate Finance-assignments."

    Anneli Koivunen, Chairman of the Board of Priorite Group

  • “I’m very glad about this win-win strategic cooperation with Kiwa. BCC will further enrich its competitiveness in the certification business and enter into the lab testing field as new growing points. Meanwhile, BCC provides a solid foundation for Kiwa to expand into the China and Asia Pacific market. We also thank Translink CF for introducing such a high quality strategic partner to BCC. Even though Translink is advisor for the buy side, they acted fairly and were very experienced and managed professionally throughout the whole process.

    Huang Quan, Chairman of BCC Inc
  • "CalixKlippan is the best possible new owner for Carbox. The transaction focused support by Translink was crucial for our success. The cooperation with Andreas Hüchting and Carsten Wolter was based on a high level of trust and professionalism. I want to thank the Translink team for their strong support.”

    Stefan Bellinger, Managing Partner of Carbox
  • "At the beginning of this project it was already clear to us that we could only achieve the best results if we complemented our internal team with competent M&A advisors. That is why we chose Translink Corporate Finance. Translink provided us with prudent advice and professional support at all stages of the process. The cooperation with Tilman Eckstein and Dennis Magath was extremely productive and successful. We appreciate the combination of professionalism and goal-oriented pragmatism, which helped us a lot in all phases of the negotiations. We were impressed by the constant high level of commitment and dedication of the transaction team".

    Oliver Herkommer, CEO of the Ingenics Group