Finnish deep learning and AI pioneer Visy to merge with Swedish Sensebit

Translink Corporate Finance announces the merger of Finnish Visy and Swedish Sensebit. Visy is a leading global supplier of software for image recognition and automation based on AI and deep learning solutions in the transportation infrastructure market. Sensebit, together with its subsidiary Trafikia, is the Nordic market leader in traffic data collection and analysis. The merged companies, together with the support of private equity investor Helix Kapital, will develop the business across the Nordic region and globally, offering customers integrated solutions for based on leading-edge technologies.

Translink acted as the exclusive financial adviser to the owners of Visy in the transaction. CEO and shareholder Petri Granroth was very satisfied with finding a partner to assist with further growth: “As a technology leader with steady long-term growth but limited resources we wanted to find a partner that could help us make a larger leap. Translink found numerous very attractive options for us and moving forward together with Sensebit and Helix will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets.”

Translink’s efficient work process has limited the impact of COVID-19, and several high-quality SME companies in the IT sector have taken advantage of this fact. We therefore expect to see even more deals in this segment as both private equity and industrial M&A activity continue to increase.

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